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‘Living with Chucky’ Examines Chucky’s Origins Through a Nostalgic Lens [Review]

Living With Chucky

Living with Chucky is an in-depth documentary, directed by Kyra Elise Gardner, examining the world of the Child’s Play franchise with the hardworking cast and crew who worked on the films.

We learn about the details that took the franchise from concept to creation by way of personal interviews with Don Mancini, Lin Shaye, Jennifer Tilley, Alex Vincent, Brad Dourif, and more. Premiering in the ’80s, Chucky was deemed the “rising star of horror,” and impacted audiences and generations thereafter.

Starting out with Don Mancini and his original idea for Chucky, we learn about the inspiration for the series and the thought process that went into writing, producing, and creating the first film. During the ’80s, the anti-hero was rising in horror films and the culture leaned into relatable horror figures. Comic relief in genre pictures was sought after and the slasher space was ready for new blood.

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Child’s Play, originally called “Blood Buddy,” took on the living doll trope and pulled inspiration from other horror films, including real-life serial killers like Charles Manson. The films were meant for audiences to examine their own evil through a different lens and connect how evil is part of humanity.

The documentary examines all the ways Chucky has influenced the exploration of childhood and the emotional ties and meaning Chucky has brought to youth culture. Every detail in the films is intentional, even the selection and creation of Chucky’s iconic outfit.

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The subsequent Child’s Play features each appealed to different audiences, and many of them were embraced, save for installments like Sees of Chucky that audiences perhaps weren’t quite ready for.

The recent rebirth of the films had its challenges, and they tried to bring Chucky back to his sinister origins. They wanted audiences to feel connected to Chucky again.

The documentary thoughtfully explains the filming process and the ways the cast and crew made sacrifices but ultimately were all bonded together in the process. They dedicated their lives to the films, and they all have a strong adoration for each other as a result.

Bringing everything together, the doc covers the strong fan base that has kept the franchise alive. There are devoted, loving fans who want to see the franchise keep succeeding. Living With Chucky beautifully examines the nostalgia of the series, the dedication of the filmmakers, actors, and crew, as well as the making of the doll that became an important part of childhood and continues to be beloved by audiences.

Living with Chucky takes an in-depth look at the groundbreaking Child’s Play franchise from the perspective of a filmmaker who grew up within it. Featuring interviews with cast and crew such as Brad Dourif, Jennifer Tilly, Alex Vincent, creator Don Mancini, and much more, this personal film recounts the dedication, creativity, and sacrifice that went into making the franchise and its long-lasting impact on the horror community. 

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