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political horror

Horror Has Always Been Political. Get Over it.

Over the years, the horror genre has adapted and grown. Whether good, bad, or indifferent, there’s no preventing its evolution. The new millennium has afforded a new group of filmmakers the oppo...

Hammer Horror Films

Five of the Most Overlooked Hammer Horror Movies

After the Universal era of horror movies release through the ’30s and ’40s, the genre began to falter and was largely replaced by science fiction. It looked like horror was all but dead un...

Christopher Lee Dracula Adaptation

How Hammer Films Revived the Horror Genre

From the 1930s into the early 1950s, Universal Pictures dominated the horror genre. During the age of the gothic, supernatural movie, they were king. Things began to change heading into the 1950s. Cul...

The Monster Squad

Legends of Limbo: The Legacy of The Monster Squad

In August of 1987, Fred Dekker and Shane Black unleashed their eerie take on the adventurous-adolescent film. Following in the footsteps of genre giants such as Stand by Me, E.T., and Explorers, these...

Bad Wrap: Why The Mummy is One of Horror’s Most Undervalued Monsters

When you think of the classic monsters, there are a few that immediately come to mind. Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man. The Mummy is always there, but kind of off to the side. Like the Creature fr...

Bride of Frankenstein - Universal Monsters created for the movies

Five Universal Monsters Created for The Movies

The Universal classic monsters are generally known as being respectively based on classic literature and in most cases that is true. But there are also characters that get lost in the public mindset, ...

Wolf Man

Why the Wolf Man is Such an Enduring Movie Monster

There’s no better time than the Halloween season to go back and watch through the classic catalogue of Universal monsters. For many fans, this will always be the classic era. This was the time and the...

Seven Horror Mashups You Definitely Have to See Monster Squad

How the Monster Squad Sequel Could Work

There’s been some interest lately in a sequel to The Monster Squad. Co-writer Shane Black gave an interview recently in which he not only talked the possibility of a sequel, but also sort of found out...

Seven Horror Mashups You Definitely Have to See Monster Squad

Seven Horror Mashups You Definitely Have to See

Horror mashups have become increasingly popular in recent years, although they have always existed. Whether they combine genres, characters or simply mash together the monsters themselves, they’re alw...

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