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Book Review – The Killing Lessons by Saul Black

The Halloween season is just around the corner, and most horror fans will probably be revisiting their favorite films to celebrate. But why not change things up this year and delve into the mind of au...

Title card for Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes

Book Review – Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes

Stephen King has delighted his fans with the release of two new novels this year. The first was Mr. Mercedes which was released in June 2014. It is the first book in a forthcoming trilogy that will be...

more crazy real killers including notorious british couple fred and rose west and evil scary clown pogo also known as john wayne gacy.

Real Life Villians- Serial Killers (part three)

There are many real life murderers who are more terrifying than the most notorious horror movie characters many of us have come to know and love. Read more below following on from our previous posts o...