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Things you probably never noticed in your favorite horror films.

Horror Soundtracks That Need to be Re-Released

The horror soundtrack has pretty much become a lost art. Obviously music is still a part of the genre, but there’s no real effort being made that I can see to put out an album tie-in. And we’re not ta...

Poltergeist - Horror movies that are surprisingly family friendly - Movies you can watch with your non-horror loving parents

Horror Movies Intended for Adults That are Surprisingly Family Friendly

Right off the bat, I’ll admit we’re getting into tricky territory here. It’s tough to say what constitutes a family friendly horror film. I certainly acknowledge that my parameters may be different th...

Crite Head - Gift Guide.

Gift Guide: Mounted Crite Head

Gift Guide is a recurring segment on Wicked Horror where we showcase horror inspired gift ideas for you or the horror fan in your life. Have an idea for something we should feature? Let us know in the...

Kreepy Kustomz. Re-Animator Lunchbox.

Gift Guide: Kreepy Kustomz Lunch Boxes

In this installment of gift guide, we remind you that just because the Christmas holiday is over doesn’t mean that you can’t still buy gifts for yourself or someone else. Today we are shin...

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