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David J. Schow

The Babyface killer from Dave Parker's 2009 meta slasher The Hills Run Red.

The Hills Run Red is a Criminally Underrated Slasher [Quarantine Retrospective]

While we’re on lockdown, I’ll be working on a series of retrospectives as I watch through my library. Many will be films I love but I may veer into less favorable territory from time to time to keep t...

Bad Luck 2010

Script to Pieces: Bad Luck

Welcome to Script to Pieces, a recurring feature at Wicked Horror where we look at the best, most interesting and at times most unbelievable horror movies that never happened. Sometimes these will be ...

Why Splatterpunk Should Make a Comeback

Splatterpunk was a term coined in the 1980’s by horror journalist and novelist David J. Schow. It is essentially defined as literary horror with graphically described scenes of gore, horror fiction th...