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Bad Samaritan Is Brash, Bewildering, And Boring [Review]

The most difficult movies to write about, contrary to popular opinion,  aren’t the ones that make you mad or drive you crazy with boredom. They’re those strange examples that make barely a...

Evil Ed Fright Night

Remake Comparison: Fright Night 1985 Vs Fright Night 2011

These two films are interesting and relatively easy to compare because, while they follow the same plot, they are fundamentally different movies. The original Fright Night and the 2011 remake are abou...

Fright Night

Fright Night 2011 is a Below Average Redux [Retrospective]

Fright Night 2011 finds Jerry Dandridge moving in next to Charley Brewster. Charley quickly begins to suspect that something is awry. Charlie witnesses a variety of strange behaviors from his new neig...