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Apartment 1303

Horrible Films for Horrible People: Apartment 1303

Welcome one, welcome all to Horrible Films for Horrible People! This week I have a real disaster and it’s Apartment 1303! Apartment 1303 is a remake of a Japanese movie of the same name, unfortu...

Dead teenager Neysi Perez awoke from her grave in Honduras.

Dead Teenager ‘Wakes up Banging and Screaming’ in Grave

Sixteen-year-old Neysi Perez was mistakenly buried alive. The teenage girl from Honduras was buried after doctors pronounced she was dead–but her family insist she was buried alive. Perez appare...

Secrets in the Walls

Horrible Films for Horrible People: Secrets in the Walls (2010)

This week on Horrible Films for Horrible People, we will be looking at Christopher Leitch’s Secrets in The Walls (2010). I made the ill-fated decision to watch this movie despite it being a Life...

The movie Cassadaga directed by Anthony DiBlasi.

Cassadaga is a Captivating Viewing Experience [Review]

I purchased Cassadaga after randomly spying its cover in a DVD store, and I’m glad I did. Directed by Anthony DiBlasi (Dread), Cassadaga for me personally was a breath of gruesome fresh air. Cassadaga...