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Nosferatu 1979

Why Werner Herzog’s ‘Nosferatu’ is Actually the Better Movie

F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu is a masterpiece of silent cinema. It’s one of the all-time great horror films. While it did not get the rights to the characters of the novel Dracula from the Stoker family, i...

Dracula 1979

Seven Dracula Adaptations That Totally Reimagine the Story

Outside of Sherlock Holmes, Dracula has seen more appearances on screen than any other fictional character. The book remains the single most frequently adapted novel in history. Given that, it seems o...

Horror movie romances

Bad Romance: Horror Couples That Will Make You Happy to be Single on Valentine’s Day

Horror movies aren’t often thought of as overly romantic. But upon closer inspection, some of them actually are. The couples that can be seen in genre pictures vary from surprisingly devoted to comple...

The Mummy - Dracula - Mummies on Film

How The Movie That Set the Template for Dracula Movies Wasn’t Even a Dracula Movie

Tod Browning’s Dracula certainly had an impact on the vampire genre. Over seventy years later, Bela Lugosi as the Count is still the most recognizable on-screen vampire. And while it has always been i...


I Love Lucy: A Brief Cinematic History of Dracula’s Most Unsung Character

There are several characters we think of when we think of Dracula. First and foremost, there’s the Count himself. The most famous vampire in the history of literature, film, television and so on and s...

Dark Prince

Forgotten Dracula Movies Worth Digging Up

Count Dracula is one of the most iconic figures in horror, if not the most iconic. He is the second most filmed fictional character after Sherlock Holmes. It’s only natural that many, many movies abou...

Christopher Lee Dracula Adaptation

Why Hammer’s Dracula Franchise Eclipsed Universal’s

Universal’s Dracula was an enormous hit and has become one of the most iconic horror films of all time. It accomplished so much with so little, hinging entirely on the performances its actors and the ...

Christopher Lee Dracula Adaptation

Why Every Dracula Adaptation is Different (And Why That’s Great)

No two Dracula movies are the same. Considering that the character been adapted to the screen more than any other fictional being, save Sherlock Holmes, that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. ...

Dracula 1979

Why Dracula 1979 is One of the Most Endearing Yet Unfaithful Adaptations

John Badham’s 1979 version of Dracula is known as a classic and was a tremendous hit. It’s beautifully shot, beautifully acted, with truly spectacular sets. It also has nothing to do with the book on ...

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