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Halloween Horror

The Lasting Influence of Bram Stoker on Irish Horror

How the origins of Halloween influenced Irish Horror through its books and movies. Now that spooky season is officially upon us, it would be bad luck to not talk about Irish horror culture, because be...

Hammer Horror Films

Five of the Most Overlooked Hammer Horror Movies

After the Universal era of horror movies release through the ’30s and ’40s, the genre began to falter and was largely replaced by science fiction. It looked like horror was all but dead un...

Christopher Lee Dracula Adaptation

How Hammer Films Revived the Horror Genre

From the 1930s into the early 1950s, Universal Pictures dominated the horror genre. During the age of the gothic, supernatural movie, they were king. Things began to change heading into the 1950s. Cul...

Dracula 1979

Seven Dracula Adaptations That Totally Reimagine the Story

Outside of Sherlock Holmes, Dracula has seen more appearances on screen than any other fictional character. The book remains the single most frequently adapted novel in history. Given that, it seems o...

Dracula looking scary

Four Essential Cinematic Adaptations of the Dracula Story

Dracula just might be the most famous movie monster in the world. At the very least, he’s earned a spot on the Mt. Rushmore of horror. He’s the quintessential vampire, and his story has been told and ...


You And I Are One Forever: Why Carmilla Remains One of the Most Important Vampire Stories Ever Told

Dracula was an obsessively well-researched book. While the novel was published in 1897, Stoker had written his first notes on the story—of a young solicitor unknowingly venturing into the home of a va...

Hellraiser: Judgment - Michael Myers vs Pinhead - Hellraiser - Clive Barker Adaptations

Eight Terrific Secondary Antagonists in Horror Movies

The killer is not always the killer in horror movies. One of my favorite things about the genre is that it takes characters who are pretty normal people on the surface and puts them in an unreal envir...

Dracula (Gerard Butler) is awake and ready to raise hell in Patrick Lussier's 2000 vampire film Dracula 2000.

Dracula 2000 is a Noticeably Flawed but Often Enjoyable Update [Retrospective]

Upon its initial release, the majority of critics panned Dracula 2000. The film was accused of being a shameless rip-off of superior material and not brining anything new or noteworthy to the table. T...

Four Terrible Movies from Great Horror Directors

The masters of horror are incredibly talented individuals. We all know who they are and are familiar with their many accomplishments. They’ve given great things to the genre. But in a director’s caree...

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