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Junk Head Fantasia Fest 2021 Movie Review

Junk Head Is A Stunning Piece Of Stop Motion Animation, And A Sure Cult Classic [Fantasia 2021 Review]

Over 7 years in the making, Takahide Hori’s stop motion epic Junk Head has had a long journey to this year’s Fantasia Fest. Initially a well received 2013 short, the feature length cut was...

Darkness Doesn’t Quite Reach The Bright Light Of Its Potential [Nightstream Film Festival Review]

The three sisters at the heart of Emanuela Rossi’s Darkness are something out of another era, with Peter Pan collared dresses and Gunne Sax style nightgowns, patiently waiting in the darkened ha...

Undergods Fantasia Fest 2020 Movie Review

Undergods’ Dark Dystopia Is Hauntingly Human [Fantasia Review]

Chino Moya’s Undergods was one of the premieres at Fantasia Fest 2020, and from the very first frame, the film is visually stunning. Slate grey fog rolls over the crumbling remains of a large ci...