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Beware the Slenderman

Yikes HBO: Beware the Slenderman, Artistic Theft, and Attempted Murder

After my interview with Adam Rosner, the creator of the ARG TribeTwelve (see here), he mentioned that the HBO documentary Beware the Slenderman, took some footage from his series TribeTwelve and from ...

Adam Rosner

The Wonderful World of ARGs Part 3: A Conversation With ARG creator Adam Rosner

Adam Rosner is the creative genius behind TribeTwelve, an alternate reality game (ARG) that centers on Noah Maxwell (and who is played by Adam Rosner), an incredibly unlucky college student who falls ...

Night Mind Nick Nocturne

The Wonderful World of ARGs Part 2: A Conversation With ARG investigator Nick Nocturne

Nick Nocturne is the charming host of the YouTube channel Night Mind, a must see for those who consume horror related content on the regular. With longform videos and engaging livestreams on his chann...

ARG Alternative Reality Games

Exploring The Wonderful World of Alternative Reality Games, Part 1

Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, and Sonic.exe are all well-known creepypastas, “horror-related legends or images that have been copied and pasted around the Internet. These Internet entries are often bri...

Friday the 13th Part III

Does A Number Matter? Defending Horror Sequels as an Art Form

Horror sequels are almost universally looked down upon, considered something in the genre that just has to be dealt with because there’s no way to overcome them. They are dismissed more often than not...

The Exorcist 2016

Why You Need To Watch The Exorcist TV Series (Before It’s Too Late)

There are a ton of TV shows based on horror movies currently on the air, with more seemingly always on the way. Most of them are pretty great; Ash vs. Evil Dead is a dream come true for fans and conti...

Blair Witch - The Woods

Why The Woods Has to Tell You It’s the Scariest Movie Ever Made

The Exorcist is pretty immediately conjured up in the collective minds of horror fans as the film that is referred to/claims to be the scariest movie ever made. But you might see a lot of titles latel...

The Walking Dead

How The Walking Dead Changed the Landscape of Horror TV (Whether You Like It or Not)

Whether you watch the show or not—some of us gave up several seasons ago — The Walking Dead changed television. We are in a different climate now because of what that show did. On some level, I can se...

found footage films Paranormal Activity

Why Paranormal Activity Might Not be to Blame for the Found Footage Boom

Found footage movies keep on coming. They seem to be finally dying down, perhaps, but it’s a small dent in the boom that has persisted over the past several years. Everyone blames Paranormal Activity ...

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