Fantasia Fest 2020

The Undertaker's Home 2

The Undertaker’s Home is Chillingly Effective [Fantasia Review]

Argentinian horror is enjoying a bit of a moment, with Terrified scaring the pants off Shudder audiences and The Bar making them laugh and scream in equal measure while, just a few years ago, the live...

The Mortuary Collection Fantasia Fest 2020 Movie Review

The Mortuary Collection Is A Frightfully Fun And Stylish Anthology [Fantasia Review]

Ryan Spindell’s The Mortuary Collection has had a long, strange journey to Fantasia Fest. His short The Babysitter Murders was well received on the festival circuit back in 2015, but due to spor...

Fried Barry Fantasia Fest 2020 Movie Review

Fried Barry Is An Alien Abduction Acid Test [Fantasia Review]

Fried Barry is based on the 2017 short film of the same name. South African director Ryan Kruger expanded the original short into his first full-length feature film effort, currently showing at Fantas...

Unearth 3

Unearth Should Have Stayed Buried [Fantasia Review]

Unearth is a horror movie about fracking but it’s actually much drier than that description would suggest. The film, co-directed by John C. Lyons and Dorota Swies from a script credited to Lyons and K...

Gro Swantje Kohlhof in Sleep

Sleep (AKA Schlaf) Will Definitely Keep You Up At Night [Fantasia Review]

​As scary as sleep paralysis, intense nightmares, etc. are there are very few horror movies that actually deal with these conditions effectively; Sleep (or Schlaf, auf Deutsch) looks set to change all...

Woman Of The Photographs Fantasia Fest 2020 Movie Review

Woman of the Photographs Takes Time Developing its Dark Romance [Fantasia Review]

Woman Of The Photographs opens with a reflection in a shop window, a small photo studio in an unspecified Japanese city. Sai (Hideki Nagai), the owner and only photographer, steps out to clean the gla...

Yummy Fantasia Fest 2020 Movie Review

Zombie Comedy, Yummy Is Far From Delicious [Fantasia Review]

As many undead hordes as have shuffled across screens in the past two decades, Lars Damoiseaux’s Yummy is likely the only one created with the assistance of the VAF, a Flemish arts grant usually...

The Columnist Fantasis Fest 2020 Film Review

The Columnist Is A Hot Take That Isn’t Spicy Enough [Fantasia Review]

The Columnist is one of the North American premiers at Fantasia Fest 2020, and with its timely take on the occupational hazards for female identified creatives on the Internet, particularly relatable ...

Climate Of The Hunter Fantasia Fest Movie Review 2020

Climate Of The Hunter Mixes Melodrama and Vintage Vampires In Retro Style [Fantasia Review]

Climate Of The Hunter is the latest feature from the incredibly prolific Mickey Reece, who has described his directorial style as “people talking in rooms”. That certainly applies to Clima...

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