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Haunting Hour

Five of the Creepiest Episodes of R. L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour

If you’re unfamiliar with R. L. Stine‘s The Haunting Hour, just imagine a modernized version of Goosebumps without the awful acting and lame twists. Unlike its fairly tame ’90s prede...

Suspiria soundtracks a beginner's guide to argento - Horror Trilogies - Horror movies that would make great haunted house attractions

A Beginner’s Guide to Dario Argento

Anyone who is getting into the horror genre has heard the name Dario Argento. For most people, his are not the first movies they see, but he’s often referred to as one of the all time masters, which c...

Great scenes from bad movies - Jason Takes Manhattan

Six Great Moments from Bad Horror Movies

It takes a lot to make a good horror movie, but at the same time, it takes a lot to make a horror movie truly unwatchable. One of the best things about this genre is that the good and the bad are almo...

Why Ghostbusters 2 is Actually Kind of Awesome

Ghostbusters 2 gets a lot of hate. I mean, it’s gotten hate for the past thirty years. And yeah, as you could tell by the title, I’m here to explain to you why Ghostbusters 2, the black sheep of the f...

Halloween Resurrection - Impossible to Defend Horror Movies We Can't Help But Watch

Impossible to Defend Horror Movies We Can’t Help But Watch

There’s a certain appeal to bad movies, especially bad horror movies that are impossible to defend. There’s a charm to the campiness, and even when people are fumbling their lines or just stumbling ar...


Why Valentine is a Respectable Alternative To My Bloody Valentine

There are a ton of options for what to watch on Valentine’s Day, but for me it usually comes down to George Mihalka’s 1981 My Bloody Valentine and Jamie Blanks’ 2001 film Valentine. ...


“Awful” ’80s Horror Movies That Actually Aren’t

For some reason, the ‘80s is more known for cheesy movies than any other decade. Every era has them, but the ‘80s always gets singled out. It’s tough to say why that is. If I had to guess, it would ha...

Patriotic Horror to Binge Watch This Summer. I know What You Did Last Summer Banner Image

Six Patriotic Horror Movies to Binge-Watch This Fourth of July

It may be strange to think of horror movies as patriotic. It’s a worldwide genre, for one, and the average Friday the 13th and Saw sequels don’t exactly reek of civic pride. But as with every other ho...

Horror sequels that did nothing to further the narrative of their franchise - Horror Movies Filmed in the Last Place You'd Expect

Eight Sequels That Did Nothing to Further the Narrative of the Franchise

For the most part, sequels are made because a film made money and a studio wants to keep it going. It would be ridiculous not to admit that’s usually how it starts. But there are still a lot of great ...

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