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the craft - Feminism in the craft

Power Struggle: Feminism in The Craft

Historically, witches have been considered the outcasts of gender normality in society. These are women that seek independence from the stereotypes considered ideal for the female gender. The preconce...

Natalie Burn on Awaken [Exclusive Interview]

Wicked Horror had a chance to connect with actress Natalie Burn about her involvement with the upcoming horror film Awaken. The actress offered her thoughts on strong female characters and why we need...

Sally of the Wasteland

Comic Review: Sally of the Wasteland, Vol. 1

In post-apocalyptic Louisiana, a fiery, feminine fusion of Ash Campbell and Lara Croft blows the head off another wild Crawgator.  Written by Victor Gishler and illustrated by Tazio Bettin, Sally of t...