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Season Two of The Handmaid’s Tale is Unrelenting Drama and Suspense

If somehow you have not watched The Handmaid’s Tale, make sure your subscription to Hulu is up-to-date and begin watching immediately. That is to say if you enjoy suspense. If you enjoy horror. If you...

Halloween, Ginger Snaps - A Look Back at the Best and Worst of Early 2000's Horror

Ginger Snaps Helped the Horror Genre While Finding its Audience

Ginger Snaps–as I’ve written about here–is one of the best horror movies of the past fifteen years, period. It’s among the great werewolf films of all time. Yes, it was independent a...

the craft - Feminism in the craft

Power Struggle: Feminism in The Craft

Historically, witches have been considered the outcasts of gender normality in society. These are women that seek independence from the stereotypes considered ideal for the female gender. The preconce...