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the witches from Witching and Bitching gather in the cave

Review – Witching and Bitching

Sometimes there’s no better cure for a bad mood or a bad day than a truly crazy and utterly hilarious movie. And the Spanish comedy flick Witching and Bitching, which has been making the festiva...

Overlooked & Underrated: We Are the Night

Foreign horror has taken off quite a bit in the past decade and people really latch onto great movies from other countries once they make their way to the states. But we’re talking about the whole wor...

poster from LFO.

New Clip Released from Dark Sky’s LFO

[soliloquy id=”11544″] Dark Sky Films has released a clip from their new film LFO. Come inside for your first look at this newly released clip from the Sci-Fi comedy.  The film is written ...