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Fanny Valette, Johan, Libereau, Raphael Lenglet, and Nicolas Giraud as Chloe, Loic, Guillaume, and Fred in Abel Ferry's High Lane.

High Lane Strikes the Perfect Blend of Horror and Suspense [Retrospective]

Abel Ferry’s High Lane is a French language film that – like most foreign language films – should be watched with subtitles, rather than the opting for the dubbed version. I bring this up becaus...

Dream Home Cheng Lai - Sheung (Josie Ho) aboard the bus in Ho-Cheung Pang's Dream Home (2010).

Dream Home is a Brutal Blend of Slasher Film and Satire [Retrospective]

Dream Home stars Josie Ho as Chang-Lai Sheung, a woman who will let nothing stand between her and her dream property, even if it means killing a few innocents along the way. Chang-Lai goes on a killin...

Cemetery Man

Cemetery Man: The Lost Art of Stream of Conscious Horror

In Cemetery Man (aka Dellamorte Dellamore) Rupert Everett stars as Francisco Dellamorte, caretaker of a graveyard with the ultimate catch: the dead buried in the cemetery come back. Every single one o...

Blu-Ray Review – Train to Busan Keeps the Zombie Genre Alive (Undead?)

It begins with the resurrection of a dead deer on the road, and ends with an exciting and startlingly emotional climax that will make you excited about zombie movies again. The South Korean flick Trai...

What’s Going on With Turkish Horror Film Magi?

The Turkish horror film Magi was generating some positive buzz off of the film’s initial release in the director’s native Turkey. However, we haven’t heard much about it since the tr...

the witches from Witching and Bitching gather in the cave

Review – Witching and Bitching

Sometimes there’s no better cure for a bad mood or a bad day than a truly crazy and utterly hilarious movie. And the Spanish comedy flick Witching and Bitching, which has been making the festiva...

Overlooked & Underrated: We Are the Night

Foreign horror has taken off quite a bit in the past decade and people really latch onto great movies from other countries once they make their way to the states. But we’re talking about the whole wor...

Poster for Jonas Govaerts' Cub.

Cub – Upcoming Horror Film to Debut at TIFF

[soliloquy id=”9123″] The Playlist has exclusively debuted the trailer for the upcoming horror feature Cub. The film is slated to debut as part of the Toronto International Film Festival&#...

Blu-ray art for Michael Soavi's StageFright.

‘Stagefright’ is Coming to Blu-ray

[soliloquy id=”4143″] Stagefright had recently gone out of print on DVD and online resellers were beginning to command a high asking price for a new copy. The good news for anyone looking ...

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