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the blob

How The Blob Remake Outdid the Original!

1958’s The Blob is the perfect monster monster movie for its era. It’s big, it’s campy, it’s funny. All in all, it is pure popcorn entertainment. The remake, made thirty years later, had a lot to live...

The Mist - Spike

Why The Mist is an Even Stronger Film 10 Years Later

Ten years later, The Mist still proves to be one of the most divisive Stephen King adaptations. I can understand that, too. It has a lot to live up to, given that it’s from the director of The Shawsha...

The Zero Boys 1986 Movie

Why The Zero Boys is Almost a Perfect 10

One of the best and most exciting things about being a horror fan to me is the act of discovery. The deeper you delve into the genre, the more you will find all those precious hidden gems sprinkled wi...

Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors theatrical poster image

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors You Didn’t See

Wes Craven wrote and directed the original A Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984, introducing the world to dream killer Freddy Krueger and ultimate Final Girl Nancy Thompson. Craven had never intended it ...

rick grimes and the cast need to try to survive the latest batch of dead in season 5 of the walking dead.

Walking Dead, Season 5 Poster

[soliloquy id=”742″] Season four may have just ended Sunday, but “The Walking Dead” fans already are talking about season five, which will air fall of 2014. Here’s the ne...