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Walking Dead, Season 5 Poster

rick grimes and the cast need to try to survive the latest batch of dead in season 5 of the walking dead.
Do you think you could survive?

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Season four may have just ended Sunday, but “The Walking Dead” fans already are talking about season five, which will air fall of 2014. Here’s the new poster promoting “The Walking Dead” season five, hinting at what you can expect.

Rick is alone, illuminated in a barren building by a beam of light that appears (if you look at the floor) to be shining through some type stained glass window, like those found in a church.

Above him is a solitary word: Survive.

All of this very appropriate is Rick and the rest the group need to figure out what to do next to… you guess it… survive. This one word also nicely sums up Rick’s attitude that he had, then almost lost completely, and now has again. He will do… what it takes.. to survive.

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Season five will air sometime in October 2014.

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