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Friday the 13th - Jason Voorhees - Most confusing moments in friday the 13th movies

Seven of the Most Confusing Moments in the Friday the 13th Franchise

As much as we love the Friday the 13th series here—and trust me, we do—there are things you can’t help but notice as you watch these films over and over again. Things that have been long debated by fa...

Jason Goes to Hell

Why Jason Goes to Hell is Worth Another Look

Jason Goes to Hell was the second Friday the 13th movie I ever saw and, at the time, I hated it. Mind you, I was about eight years old, but it’s no secret that a great number of fans discover horror w...

reboot - Jason - Memorable Friday the 13th side characters

Happy Friday the 13th: Why Jason is Still Our Favorite Slasher after 35 Years

This year, the Friday the 13th franchise turns 35 years old. It started with a single, simple slasher that nobody ever thought would turn into the hit that it was. And yet here we are. Friday the 13th...