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The Boy Who Lived: What Makes Tommy Jarvis a Fan-Favorite Horror Hero

Michael Myers has Doctor Loomis. Freddy Krueger has Nancy Thompson. And Jason Voorhees has Tommy Jarvis. The difference here is that while most heroes originate in the same film as the villain, we don...

Seven Effects Sequences That Almost Went Very Wrong

Some of the best horror movies boast elaborate visual effects sequences that really help them to stand out. These scenes often form some of the feature’s most impressive and iconic moments. The ...

Linda in Evil Dead II - Commentary tracks that are hilarious

Five Commentary Tracks That Are Actually Hilarious

Commentary tracks can go in all sorts of different directions. They can be a useful tool for  shedding new light on the film, they can be used as an excuse for those involved to goof off, and other ti...

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Friday the 13th – The Final Chapter: The Essential Jason Movie

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. Of course the film turned out to not be as the title promised. But nonetheless it is a fan-favorite and an essential slasher...

First Draft Scripts that should be adapted - Gremlins - Top 10 horror films of 1984. Poster art for the 1984 Joe Dante film Gremlins.

Top Ten Horror Films of 1984

[soliloquy id=”11431″] Thirty years ago this year, horror was in a very different place. It really was. Might even have been a better place, but there’s still plenty of life in the genre r...

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