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Review: Ghostbusters Is An Action-Packed Modern Revamp That Gets a Lot Right

1984’s Ghostbusters captured the hearts and minds of audiences the world over with an original storyline, instantly loveable characters, and a variety of unexpected twists and turns, coupled with enou...

Alternate Channing Tatum Ghostbusters Film is a Bust

“Who you gonna call?” Well, it’s not going to be Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt. As July approaches, fans of the original Ghostbusters will be exposed to a reboot centering around four female leads. T...


Ghostbusters Ecto-Cooler Making A Comeback In 2016!

The trailer for Paul Feig’s highly-anticipated, upcoming all-female Ghostbusters finally dropped last week. And, as a result, the whole world seems to have gone a bit crazy. A mysterious Ebay au...