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Top Five Coolest NON-Toho Giant Monsters

Giant monster movies are goddamned radical and I love them! Giant lizards, bugs, dinosaurs, and alien beasts stomping around a city knocking over buildings, fighting each other, and generally causing ...

Comic Review: The Steam Man, Issue 1

Competing with the likes of Paul Bunyan for the hardest big guy in the West, The Steam Man sows the seed of a solid, steam-punk myth. It does have a bit of a prerequisite, being derived in part from E...

The official cover of Titan Comics' "World War X Helius."

Comic Review: World War X, Helius

Who could have guessed Earth’s requiem would be so metal?  Jerry Frissen and Peter Snejbjerg’s World War X, Helius explores the intergalactic peril of mishandling intricately-scribed boxes.  What foll...

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