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Why the Gas Station Bathroom Scene in 2018’s ‘Halloween’ is the Franchise’s Most Upsetting

Halloween's gas station scene is the franchise's most upsetting

Heather Langenkamp Horror sequels that cursed their own franchises - Nancy in New Nightmare - Badass Mothers in Horror

Four Horror Sequels That Cursed Their Own Franchise

When a horror movie is hugely successful, sequels are an inevitability. Quickly after that, it can blossom into a franchise. Typically, it doesn’t take long for the films that follow to become convolu...

Halloween II (1981): “Don’t You Forget About Me”

A new Halloween film was released in 2018 to great financial and critical success. So, of course, a new trilogy beginning with the last installment is being developed, all stemming directly from John ...

Rob Zombie’s Halloween II is Way Better Than You Remember

I always have a problem trying to understand the automatic resistance so often accompanying a remake. Let alone a follow-up to a remake such as Rob Zombie’s Halloween II (which is celebrating th...

Two New Halloween Sequels (and Release Dates) Announced

To the delight of fans everywhere, Universal Pictures has announced not one, but two upcoming sequels in the Halloween series. It seems the battle between The Shape and Laurie Strode is not over. Both...


Halloween Succeeds by Bringing the Franchise Back to the Beginning!

Another sequel has been released for the beloved Halloween franchise. Fans can rejoice because this one is quite good. This 2018 release has retconned the chaotic timeline of the previous sequels and ...

Halloween Most outrageous deaths in the Halloween franchise - Halloween Returns

Seven Reasons Why Haddonfield is the Most Douchebag-Ridden Town in Horror

When John Carpenter and Debra Hill wrote Halloween, they designed the town of Haddonfield as a perfect slice of Americana. It’s pure, distilled suburbia. This town might be specifically set in Illinoi...

Danielle Harris in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.

How Halloween 4 Saved the Franchise

When John Carpenter’s Halloween was released, it was the most successful independent film of all time. It held that record for many years. The success didn’t happen right away, though. It made no mone...

Halloween Nightdance

We Already Have the Perfect Template for a Halloween Reboot (And it’s a Comic)

Rebooting a franchise can be a tricky thing these days. The new approach seems to be to tell a new story that stands completely on its own but doesn’t necessarily negate what came before. The 2009 reb...

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