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Halloween II (1981): “Don’t You Forget About Me”

A new Halloween film was released in 2018 to great financial and critical success. So, of course, a new trilogy beginning with the last installment is being developed, all stemming directly from John ...

Rob Zombie’s Halloween II is a Product of Its Time With a Surprisingly Modern Twist [Retrospective]

Halloween II was not a film Rob Zombie wanted to make. Industry suggests he was coerced into doing so by the Weinsteins, who promised him that magnum opus Tyrannosaurus Rex would be next. A decade lat...

Halloween Most outrageous deaths in the Halloween franchise - Halloween Returns

Seven Reasons Why Haddonfield is the Most Douchebag-Ridden Town in Horror

When John Carpenter and Debra Hill wrote Halloween, they designed the town of Haddonfield as a perfect slice of Americana. It’s pure, distilled suburbia. This town might be specifically set in Illinoi...

Halloween Nightdance

We Already Have the Perfect Template for a Halloween Reboot (And it’s a Comic)

Rebooting a franchise can be a tricky thing these days. The new approach seems to be to tell a new story that stands completely on its own but doesn’t necessarily negate what came before. The 2009 reb...

Halloween III Halloween Franchise - Great producing efforts by great directors - Halloween III - Tyler Doupe's Top Five. Zena's top five horror films to watch on Halloween. - Why the Halloween Franchise Keeps Rebooting (And Why That's a Good Thing)

The Best and Worst Movies of the Halloween Franchise

I love the Halloween franchise. Its highs have been high and its lows have been low, but I’ve been there for all of it. I will readily admit that it’s an incredibly uneven franchise, maybe even more s...

Joey Keogh’s Top 5 Flicks To Watch On Halloween

I’m kind of a purist when it comes to Halloween. When you watch horror movies all day, every day, the spookiest time of the year tends to be an opportunity to either go classic or to go party, d...

Halloween Most outrageous deaths in the Halloween franchise - Halloween Returns

Magic Mike: Most Outrageous Kills in the Halloween Series

Michael Myers was the boogeyman, at least in the original film. He was an almost cat-like figure that kept to the shadows until the last possible second, making himself known only when it was already ...

Pumpkinhead - Nat's Favorite Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

Nat’s Favorite Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

Part of what led to me Wicked Horror in the first place is the fact that I spend a good chunk of my time obsessively making genre-based lists as it is. Friends who have known me for a long time have n...

Horror movies to watch on Halloween. Blair Witch Project Burkitsville sign.

April Bennet’s Top Five Favorite Horror Films to Watch on Halloween

I watch a lot of horror movies, probably a diagnosable, unhealthy amount, but I do have my favorites among the sea of great ones. Usually, Halloween brings out my favorites from my entertainment cente...

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