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Hellraiser II

Why ‘Hellraiser II’ Is a Surrealist Nightmare

There was a lengthy period of time when Hellraiser II was considered one of the best horror sequels of all time. I’ll readily admit that I discovered it during that time and it probably colored my exp...

Seven Direct-to-Video Sequels That Are Way Better Than Expected

The purpose of a sequel is always in debate. There is a sense that a follow up is automatically inferior by virtue of being derivative of a previous work. And, if that sequel is released direct-to-vid...

A Nightmare on Elm Street - The Weird Unspoken Double Standard of Horror Movies

The Weird, Unspoken Double Standard of Horror Movies

We live in a time when Hollywood is completely and totally defined by Intellectual Property. We have more IP-based features than ever. Absolutely everything made at the studio is a franchise and if it...

Clive Barker and his impact on horror

How Clive Barker Revolutionized Kink Culture Through Horror

Clive Barker was born and raised in Liverpool, England. Though he comes from a fairly average upbringing, he became known for being anything but ordinary and would eventually revolutionize the horror ...

Freddy Krueger - Robert Englund

Horror Movie Spinoffs You Won’t Believe Really Happened

Once a horror movie officially pulls out all the stops and becomes a franchise, things get pretty weird, pretty quickly. The people in charge will do whatever they deem necessary to keep that franchis...

Ashley Laurence as Kirsty in Clive Barker's violent, 1987 S&M inspired, horror film Hellraiser.

Growing Up Kirsty: The Evolution of Hellraiser’s Heroine

Hellraiser changed the game. It was far from the first or last movie to do so, but when audiences were introduced to it in 1987, they had never seen anything like it. Of course, it had its influences,...

Nat Brehmer’s Top 10 Horror Movies of 2022

This has been the hardest year for coming up with a top 10 list that I can remember, and it’s definitely not because I struggled to find favorites. We have seen some greats in recent years, but 2022 w...

Friday the 13th Part 2

Seven Great Sequels That Were Made Insanely Quickly

We all know how it goes. When a horror film becomes successful, it becomes a franchise. Once that happens sequels start to be churned out at amazing speed. Usually, when a studio forces a sequel out t...

Hellraiser: Judgment - Michael Myers vs Pinhead - Hellraiser - Clive Barker Adaptations

Why Clive Barker Has the Best Luck With Adaptations

Clive Barker is an extremely cinematic author, creating imaginative visual landscapes and unfolding worlds within worlds. You wouldn’t think that this would always lend itself to film as the cinematic...

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