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Speak No Evil 2022 Sundance Film Festival Movie Review

‘Speak No Evil’ Uses Excessive Politeness As A Gateway To Psychological Horror [Sundance Review]

Speak No Evil opens with a contextless ride down a long dark road, before abandoning genre conventions for less foreboding settings. When we meet Bjorn (Morten Burian), his wife Louisa (Sidsel Siem Ko...

Baby Money Fantasia Fest 2021 Movie Review

Baby Money Fails To Cash In On Its Thriller Premise [Fantasia 2021 Review]

Baby Money proves that having kids changes people in all sorts of ways. Once Minny (Danay Garcia) sees her little girl on the ultrasound screen, she’s fiercely determined to give her child the b...

Coming Home In The Dark Fantasia Fest 2021 Movie Review

Coming Home In The Dark Is A Brooding Indictment Of Institutionalized Violence [Fantasia 2021 Review]

Coming Home In The Dark opens on the sort of family vacation I’m not sure exists outside of the movies. The sky is clear, the rural New Zealand scenery whizzing past the windows breathtakingly g...

Silent House

Silent House (2012) is an Unnecessary English Language Remake [Retrospective]

Sarah and her father journey to the middle of nowhere to restore the family cabin and prepare it to go on the market. Sarah’s uncle Peter joins the pair shortly after the work commences. Naturally, st...

A scene from the 2018 film Midnighters.

Midnighters (2018) is a Mystery Movie Most Mundane [Review]

The latest from IFC Midnight – the almost-too-appropriately-titled Midnighters – is a movie that starts off like a gory morality play, suddenly becomes a generic home invasion picture and ...


Angst is a Hidden Gem of Banned Cinema

For me, the most unsettling films are those that subject you to the mind of a killer and force you to follow their every move, almost as though you are an accomplice to their crimes. I first heard of ...

Natasha Henstridge Home Invasion

Exclusive Interview: We Talk Home Invasion With Natasha Henstridge

Wicked Horror had the occasion to speak with the lovely Natasha Henstridge about her thrilling new film Home Invasion. We touched on what sets the film apart from the countless other home invasion fil...

Ladies of the House

Advance Review: Ladies of the House

Ladies of the House is the kind of rape/revenge horror we don’t see much of anymore. It’s about three guys out enjoying an evening at a strip club when they get the horrible, horrible idea to follow o...

Knock Knock

Eli Roth’s Knock Knock Will Premiere at Sundance

The upcoming Knock Knock has had our attention for some time, so it’s nice to know that the film is finally getting a world premiere. The title will screen via the genre film themed Park City at...

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