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Scream 4

10 Witty Horror Movies as Funny as They Are Scary

Horror comedies are extremely hard to pull off. Yet, despite that, comedy and horror are more entwined than any two other genres. Both of them completely come down to timing. Setting up a scare and se...

Antichrist Movie - twisted horror movies you'll never be able to unsee

10 Shocking, Twisted Horror Movies You’ll Never Be Able to Unsee

On some level, everyone is scared of something. Horror movies appeal to different primal fears in each of us. Not everyone is afraid of the dark, or heights, or spiders, or snakes. But there are some ...

Seven Minor Characters Scarier Than Their Own Movie

Sometimes it’s not the premise that really sells a horror film. Sometimes there are factors that prevent the movie from being as scary as it should be. But then you might have a character that stands ...

Witchboard - Characters that stand out in otherwise awful movies

Seven Eccentric Characters That Stand Out in Otherwise Awful Movies

Let’s be real, there are a lot of bad horror movies out there. Part of that is due to the fact that there are more entries in the horror genre than perhaps any other. That is the case because they can...

All Cheerleaders Die - Great Remakes that nobody saw

Seven Surprisingly Good Remakes Nobody Saw

Why do we have so many remakes? Is there any single question—maybe not worded quite exactly like that—that you hear more from horror fans on the Internet? I see it asked every single day in one form o...

Bad Horror Movies You Should Watch Anyway - Plan 9 - Vampira

Eight Horrible Horror Movies You Should Watch Anyway

There are a lot of horrible horror movies out there. Anyone who’s just decided to watch a random movie on Netflix knows that. Some of them are truly unwatchable. And sometimes it can be tough to make ...

American Mary - Angry Planet - Revenge Movies From Around the World

Angry Planet: Great Revenge Horror Movies from Around the World

Revenge is a difficult motivator for the duration of a feature-length narrative. Many people have huge criticisms of the genre, and some of them are definitely valid. It’s difficult to maintain and tu...

Friday the 13th 3D

Seven 3D Horror Movies That are Completely Unbearable

Sometimes 3D can be a lot of fun. I’m not a naysayer for the format by any means. I think My Bloody Valentine 3D is pretty much the best modern example of how to have fun with this format. It’s diffic...

Eight Behind the Scenes Stories That Would Make Great Features of Their Own jack nicholson in the shining.

Eight Behind the Scenes Stories That Would Make Great Features of Their Own

There’s a very strong appeal to movies like Ed Wood, Hitchcock, and The Disaster Artist. People love to see behind the scenes stories, especially when it pertains to their favorite movies. Documentari...

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