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The Art of Pulp Horror is a Comprehensive History [Book Review]

The Art of Pulp Horror is a beautiful book, collecting the art of horror and contextualizing it with a series of essays. It’s also an important book, demonstrating that as editor extraordinaire Stephe...

A Brief History of Meta Horror - Scream - Witty Horror movies as funny as they are scary

A Brief History of Meta Horror

Meta horror is something we’re starting to see less of now, which makes sense on one hand because it was pretty much capped with Cabin in the Woods. That was the ultimate statement on horror movies ma...

Cemetery Man poster 1994

Dead Decade: How Zombies (Barely) Survived the 1990’s

The zombie genre had a hugely successful run in the 1980’s. Some of the best the sub-genre ever had to offer were released during this decade. Right at the start of the decade, we had Lucio Fulci’s Ga...

History of food industry horror. Poster for Larry Cohen's The Stuff.

You Are What You Eat: A History of Food Industry Horror

Horror has always had a relationship with food, believe it or not. Even when not focused on food and the food industry, some of the most basic monster stories from vampires to zombies are about the de...

Lon Chaney in Universal's famous werewolf movie The Wolfman from 1941,

Horror History: Werewolves on Film

Legends of werewolves have been around for centuries, and certain elements of the lore can even be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman mythology. That these stories have survived this long is proof...

Harry from Harry and the Hendersons

Horror History: The Cinematic Sasquatch

Large, lumbering, hairy hominids that reside in wilderness areas and are rarely seen by human eyes. They are the stuff of myth and local legend, and although they were sometimes referred as “wildmen” ...

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