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Nine Horror Franchises Driven by Great Female Villains

Horror movie villains are traditionally male. While there definitely are slashers where the killer turns out to be female at the end, they’re very uncommon. Even more uncommon, though, is to see femal...

Pumpkinhead - Nat's Favorite Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

Seven Dead Franchises That Should be Revived

Franchises are a large and admittedly crucial part of the horror genre. The series that have spawned the most movies tend to resonate in people’s minds, for good or bad. Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger...

CHUCKY DOLLS - Is Child's Play the most competent horror franchise? - Child's Play 2.

Is Child’s Play Actually the Most Competent Modern Horror Franchise?

This is a bold statement, so hear me out. I’m not saying Child’s Play is my favorite horror franchise, although I certainly don’t bash anyone who regards it as such. I’m not even necessarily saying th...