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Halloween - Michael Myers

Haddonfield High: Remembering the YA Book Series Based on the ‘Halloween’ Films

The Halloween franchise has seen several novelizations and tie-ins over the years. But the strangest on paper might be the decision to turn Halloween into a Young Adult book series in 1997. When you l...

Dr Loomis

Twelve Horror Novelizations That Are Actually Still In Print

Horror novelizations are generally thought of as being pretty rare. Some of them go for insane prices online, especially ones like Phantasm that were never widely available to begin with. Most of thes...

Halloween Nightdance

Horror Movies You Didn’t Know Spawned Young Adult Book Series

One of the best things about being a horror fan is discovering all of the weird tie-in merchandise for your favorite movies and franchises. Many if not most of the classics have received novelizations...

Jason vs Jason X

Mr. Voorhees Goes to Washington: The Nine Weirdest Things Jason Has Done Outside the Films

Jason Voorhees has done some pretty weird things in his movie career. He’s fought a girl with telekinesis, he’s fallen down on the Manhattan subway, gone to space and gotten a robotic upgrade, and eve...