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Performances Demon Knight

Eight Terrific, Totally Unexpected Performances in Horror

With so many great actors known for turning in solid performances in genre work, you sometimes expect a particular performance out of an actor. While they all definitely have a wide range, you call on...

The Mangler - Stephen King adaptations that didn't work..

Beyond Freddy: Ten Great Robert Englund Performances You Might Have Missed

Robert Englund will always be best known as Freddy Krueger. There’s really no way around that. He helped to create one of the most original, most iconic villains in cinema history. But outside the fed...


Eight A-List Actors Who Gave Several Terrific Horror Performances

The common consensus is that a celebrity does horror at one of two points in their career: they’ll do it when they’re starting out in their career and desperate for any role they can get, or they’ll d...

Barbara Crampton in We are Still Here. Michele Eggen's top five horror films of 2015. Jurassic World Michele's top five - Great horror performances from 2015

Eight Great Horror Performances from 2015

Whether it be on the big or small screen, great horror is driven by great acting, first and foremost. All great stories are. Luckily, 2015 gave us a lot of that. In part, this was due to the impressiv...