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Waxwork - Seven Movies With Unexpectedly Great Scores

Seven Movies With Unexpectedly Great Scores

We can all immediately bring to mind the classic horror movie scores, from John Carpenter’s score for Halloween, to Goblin’s Suspiria, to Philip Glass’s hauntingly beautiful music for Candyman (1992)....

The Howling Sequels

25 Years Later… Looking Back at the Two Least Worst Howling Sequels

There are horror franchises that are beloved and then there are beloved horror movies that have spawned franchises. Friday the 13th, for example, is a beloved franchise—perhaps more than it is a belov...

In defense of The Howling V: Rebirth

In Defense of Howling V: The Rebirth

It’s completely reasonable to be skeptical about the claim that the fifth entry in the Howling series is a pretty damn good flick. It’s hard to remember the reason I even watched it in the first place...