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Summer Howell Summer Howell

Summer Howell Shines in Horror Thriller Hunter Hunter [Interview]

Summer Howell is a rising star with several horror titles under her belt at the age of fifteen. Her first role was in Curse of Chucky at the age of eight, and she is now starring in the horror thrille...

Hunter Hunter

Film Composer Kevon Cronin Talks New Score for IFC Midnight’s Hunter Hunter

Fresh off the success of The Wretched and The Rental, IFC Midnight is next releasing the horror/thriller Hunter Hunter, which poses the question, are you going to be hunted or the hunter? The film fol...

Devon Sawa

Shawn Linden Talks Writing and Directing Hunter Hunter

Hunter Hunter is one of my favorite films this year. With a solid cast and strong storyline, it’s sure to create some buzz upon release and beyond. I was excited to speak with Shawn Linden and f...