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'80s slashers you may have missed - Jamie Lee Curtis in Terror Train

‘Terror Train’ is a Surprisingly Innovative Slasher

The slasher subgenre boomed after the release of John Carpenter’s Halloween. Where no one was even really sure that Halloween would work—at least not in the way that it did—once it proved to be a succ...

Reasons Halloween: Resurrection is the worst

Dangertainment: Why ‘Halloween: Resurrection’ Never Really Stood a Chance

When Dimension Films acquired the rights to the Halloween franchise and made The Curse of Michael Myers, people weren’t really sure what to make of it. It was a jumbled, often incoherent movie that pu...

Why the Gas Station Bathroom Scene in 2018’s ‘Halloween’ is the Franchise’s Most Upsetting

Halloween's gas station scene is the franchise's most upsetting

Breaking Down BLACK FRIDAY with Cinematographer David Kruta [Exclusive]

There are a few actors in the horror world that have become legends, thanks to their contributions to the genre. Some of those being: Robert Englund, Linda Blair, Jamie Lee Curtis, Heather Langenkamp ...

Halloween II (1981): “Don’t You Forget About Me”

A new Halloween film was released in 2018 to great financial and critical success. So, of course, a new trilogy beginning with the last installment is being developed, all stemming directly from John ...


Is David Gordon Green Returning for Halloween II?

Rumors have been swirling for the past month or so that a sequel to last year’s rather brilliant Halloween reboot is in the works. Precious little is known about who’s returning, who’...

The Rabid Dog’s House: Mother’s Boys (1993)

The Rabid Dog’s House is a new reoccurring feature here at Wicked Horror. WH contributor Justin Steele has created a video series for horror fans to uncover hidden gems, lost classics, and overlooked ...


Halloween Succeeds by Bringing the Franchise Back to the Beginning!

Another sequel has been released for the beloved Halloween franchise. Fans can rejoice because this one is quite good. This 2018 release has retconned the chaotic timeline of the previous sequels and ...


Every Easter Egg and Reference in the Halloween Trailer Broken Down

Fans are still riding the high of that Halloween trailer. It’s a stunning look at a movie that, for people who love horror, feels like an event. Halloween is an anniversary driven franchise about an a...

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