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The Other Side of the Door

‘The Other Side of the Door’ Should Probably Stay Shut

“Sometimes, dead is better…” Among the most iconic lines from terror cinema, Fred Gwynne’s delivery of this universal forewarning in Pet Sematary resonates further with a familiar and comforting grace...


Blu-Ray Review: Hangman is a Different Spin on the Home Invasion Thriller

Hangman follows a family whose home a homicidal drifter has taken up residence in while they were on vacation. The madman stays out of sight in their attic but as the days progress, he becomes more da...

Poster art for Lucky McKee's May

How May Explores the Horrors of Becoming an Adult

Lucky McKee‘s May is occasionally referred to as Carrie for the next generation, which is a term often tacked on to horror movies with a female protagonist. Other than the fact that their lead c...