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Bluray Review: SPIRAL is a Great Example of Franchise Fresh Air

  Nine films in, one could very well ask themselves “what’s left to uncover?” From the 2004 James Wan-helmed Saw, all the way to 2017’s Jigsaw, the franchise focusing on moral ...


Horrible Films For Horrible People: Crawlspace (2013)

This week on Horrible Films for Horrible People, I decided to give Josh Stolberg’s film Crawlspace a shot. Of all of the films I’ve seen with the title Crawlspace; 1986, 2012 and this one from 2013, t...

The new king kong movie skull island starring Tom Hiddleston.

Animal Kingdom- Beasts You Wouldn’t Want As Pets

Animals are cute right? Many of us get a pet to show us love and affection at any given time.  We all love a furry friend. Unless they try to eat us that is. Read on below for our top terrifying anima...