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Demons is an Incoherent Yet Brilliant Film [Retrospective]

Demons unfolds at a movie theater that is screening a sneak preview of a horror film. As the events of the film occur onscreen, similar happenings are carried out in the audience. The theater patrons ...

Suspiria soundtracks a beginner's guide to argento - Horror Trilogies - Horror movies that would make great haunted house attractions

Chronicling the Death of Italian Horror Cinema

There was a time, fondly remembered and not all that long ago, when Italy was the pinnacle of horror filmmaking. In the 1960’s Mario Bava helped define the giallo, a precursor to the American slasher ...


Panic at the Theater: How Demons Reimagined Meta Horror

In the 1980s, the horror genre experienced immense cultural backlash. Parents groups, religious groups, critics and especially censorship committees fought back against the genre as hard as they could...

Giallo films shaped the face of modern horror.

Editorial – How the Giallo Helped Shape the Face of the Modern Slasher

[soliloquy id=”11940″] I spent the entire weekend binging on some of my favorite Italian horror films and today felt inspired to put together a piece exploring the influence of the giallo ...