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Anthony DiBlasi Last Shift

Exclusive Interview: Anthony DiBlasi Talks Last Shift

Anthony DiBlasi’s Last Shift was one of the best horror movies of last year. Expertly blending old-school suspense with high-intensity scares, the project was warmly received by critics and horr...

Anthony DiBlasi Last Shift

Joey’s Top 5 Horror Movies Of 2015

2015 has been a remarkably good year for horror; from festive fare (Krampus) to anthologies (Tales Of Halloween, A Christmas Horror Story), creature features (The Hallow, Stung), found footage (Unfrie...

Anthony DiBlasi Last Shift

Review: Last Shift Is 2015’s Scariest Movie

“Dread-inducing” “Stomach-churning” “Guaranteed to give you nightmares for weeks” “The scariest horror movie since The Exorcist“ Horror fans know, by no...