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Jake's Road

Jake’s Road Makes its Debut on iTunes

Stuntman Mike Mayhall’s feature film directorial debut Jake’s Road (review) has just made its debut on iTunes. You can rent or purchase the film there. In addition, you can read our exclus...

Leticia Jimenez of Jake's Road.

Exclusive Interview: Leticia Jimenez of Jake’s Road

[soliloquy id=”10531″] We recently had the opportunity to chat with actress Leticia Jimenez. The up-and-coming performer stars in Mike Mayhall’s Jake’s Road (review) and also m...

Jake’s Road [DVD Review]

Jake’s Road finds Sam and his soon-to-be fiancé Kay returning to his familial cabin for a family get-together. While there, Sam and his brother Mike must break the news that they will be selling...