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Primal is Another Nicholas Cage Camp Classic [Review]

Primal follows Frank Walsh (Nicholas Cage), an illegal poacher who hunts wild animals to sell them to the highest bidder. However, on his mission in Brazil, he finds a rare, all white jaguar, a very b...

Trailer for Alexandre Aja and Sam Raimi’s Crawl is Everything

There are few things in life I enjoy more than a good creature feature. From Jaws to Deep Blue Sea, The Shallows, and The Reef, sharks have dominated our waters for many years now (though I also have ...

The Funhouse is Far From Perfect But Isn’t Without its Charms [Retrospective]

The Funhouse follows a group of teenagers on a double date at a traveling carnival. The group visits the fortuneteller, checks out some of the oddities on display, and has a fine time. ...

A Quiet Place

Review: A Quiet Place Is A Modern Masterpiece

It’s a hugely exciting time to be a horror fan. From Get Out‘s Oscar-storming glory, to Raw, Thelma, The Witch, Unsane, and a variety of other movies quietly rewriting the genre rules, the...

House by the Cemetery

How The House by the Cemetery Inverted the Zombie Genre

Lucio Fulci’s House by the Cemetery is, I’ll admit, my least favorite of the director’s “Gates of Hell” trilogy. But that doesn’t mean that the film is without merits, it’s just that some of the...

Review: Chupacabra Territory Is The Bastard Child Of Found Footage And Asylum Monster Movies (In The Worst Possible Way)

Originally entitled Lair of the Beast, Chupacabra Territory is a found footage film that revolves around four friends who are searching for the mythical beast in the mysterious Pinewood Forest. Report...

King Kong: Skull Island

Not Quite Horror: Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Horror is evolving as a genre. Although your local multiplex is still loaded with the usual contenders, look a bit closer and you’ll find the latest drama, thriller, or crime offering is closer to hor...

Review: The Crooked Man Is An Entertaining, Well-rounded Monster Movie

The Crooked Man is a fun, teenage monster movie–a fun thrill ride from start to finish, in all the most literal sense. As the film opens, we are introduced to a gaggle of young women trying to h...


SLIMEBUCK: Help Late Horror Fan’s Family Finish His Horror Movie

Kyle Cerilli had a passion for horror movies. He also suffered from Muscular Dystrophy (MD). Despite his debilitating diagnosis, Kyle wrote a script—one finger at a time—for a kid-friendly horror movi...

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