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Gro Swantje Kohlhof in Sleep

Sleep (AKA Schlaf) Will Definitely Keep You Up At Night [Fantasia Review]

​As scary as sleep paralysis, intense nightmares, etc. are there are very few horror movies that actually deal with these conditions effectively; Sleep (or Schlaf, auf Deutsch) looks set to change all...

WrestleMassacre chokehold

WrestleMassacre isn’t Worthy of Its Cool Title [Review]

With a title like WrestleMassacre, you know what kind of movie you’re in for. And yet, I cannot overstate just how much this rubbish resembles a cross between a backwoods wrestling event and a n...

Dreamland Suffocates Under Its Delusions of Grandeur [Review]

Dreamland is the latest offering from beloved Canadian director Bruce McDonald, of fan favorite Pontypool and, more recently, the delightfully festive yet divisive Hellions, fame. The movie’s synopsis...

Lulu Wilson bloody in Becky

Becky is Kevin James Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before [Review]

With Becky, comedic actor Kevin James seeks to follow in the footsteps of his long-time chum Adam Sandler by proving he, too, can do dark, difficult, and deep. As the gnarly trailer for the movie sugg...

In The Trap Horror Movie Review

In The Trap Stumbles Between Psychological And Supernatural Horror [Review]

In The Trap is the first English language feature from director Alessio Liguori (Report 51). Opening with an extended flashback sequence, a title card indicates this particular rainy night is in the s...


Glenn Danzig’s Verotika is Truly, Unforgivably Terrible [Review]

Verotika is un film de Danzig so, even without knowing anything else about it, it’s an intriguing prospect. The title, in case you’re a bit slow, is a combination of the words “violent” and “erotica” ...

Jeremy Gardner in After Midnight

After Midnight is Another Must-Watch from Jeremy Gardner [Review]

Horror fans will be well versed in the saga of life post-The Battery for writer, director, and star Jeremy Gardner. The thrilling modernist zombie movie was beloved of fans and critics alike but, as i...

Dead Earth

Dead Earth is Tragic for All the Wrong Reasons [Review]

Dead Earth is a post-apocalyptic thriller following two women, Sylvia (played by Milena Gorum of The Driver) and Rose (played by Alice Tantayanon of The Driver) who have survived the initial zombie ou...

Charlie No-Face

Charlie No-Face: The Truth Behind the Legend

Figures like Sasquatch and the Chupacabra are more commonly recognized urban legends. But there are numerous lesser known monsters that haunt various parts of the United States. For instance, the Bunn...

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