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Mortal is an innovative mythology story that steps on its own feet [Review]

Mortal follows Eric Bergland (Nat Wolff, The Stand, Paper Towns) an American lost in the Norwegian woods after a tragic incident. Following a strange encounter with a couple of pesky teenagers, where ...

dearg due, the irish vampire spirit

Beyond the Leprechaun: More Evil Creatures of Irish Mythology

Yesterday, Jonny Metro pulled the curtain back on Celtic mythology and found a series of frightening and fascinating monsters from Irish lore. Some which might even be ripe for a screen adaptation. To...

Beyond the Leprechaun: 5 Evil Creatures of Irish Mythology

With St. Patrick’s Day upon us, many of us will be donning the green, drinking mug after mug of beer, and keeping our eyes peeled for the merry leprechaun that can lead us to a pot of gold. Ther...