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Horror Film Documentaries You Need to See!

The horror fan has excellent choices when it comes to documentaries about the genre. There are certain titles that examine horror films or an entire subgenre as a whole. Examples of this approach are:...

Heather Langenkamp - Nancy from A Nightmare on Elm Street

How the Original Elm Street Gave Us One of Horror’s Most Proactive Heroines

It might seem hard to believe looking back at it, given the reverence so many fans hold for the sub-genre, but by 1984 the slasher craze was already winding down. 1980 through ’82 saw dozens upon doze...

Jamie Lee Curtis in John Carpenter's Halloween.

Most Memorable Final Girls of Horror

One of the most important components in the successful execution of a slasher film is the inclusion of a likable, capable, and memorable final girl. The final girl (or survivor girl) is the character ...