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Child's Play

Second Opinion: Child’s Play (2019) is An Insult to Chucky

​Child’s Play is an institution. The series that began with the seminal, Tom Holland-directed 1988 flick is still chugging along to this day with the latest installment, 2017’s Cult of Chu...

Go Behind The Scenes of the Child’s Play Reboot in This Featurette

The Child’s Play reboot is just over a month away but if you just can’t wait those few weeks to see it, fear not, because there’s a new, behind-the-scenes featurette to pore over. If...

Child's Play

Check Out The Trailer For The 2019 Child’s Play Reboot

Chucky is back! Er, in a manner of speaking. Everybody’s favorite killer doll will return later this year in Child’s Play, a reboot of the franchise kick-started by the legendary Don Manci...