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Nicholas Vince in Book of Monsters

Exclusive Interview: Nicholas Vince Talks Book of Monsters

Nicholas Vince has been an integral part of horror history since being buried under makeup as the iconic Chatterer in Clive Barker’s 1987 masterpiece, Hellraiser. Appearing in both Hellbound: Hellrais...

The Night Whispered

Short Film Review: The Night Whispered

My favorite thing about Nicholas Vince’s directorial debut “The Night Whispered” is that it feels like something I would have read in one of my favorite horror anthologies as a kid. It feels right at ...

Horror reference books

Literary Monsters: Books Written by Your Favorite Horror Actors

It’s become commonplace for an actor to write a tell-all autobiography once they become famous enough and decide they have enough interesting stories in their life to warrant one. Horror stars are a l...