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An Ideal Host Chattanooga Film Festival Review

An Ideal Host Throws A Horror Comedy Party Worth Crashing [Chattanooga Film Festival 2021 Review]

All Liz (Nadia Collins) wants is to throw an amazing dinner party at her rural Australian farmhouse. An ideal host, old friends, and a new home combining to make an unforgettable day. Her fiancee Jack...

Bloody Hell Nightstream Film Festival Review

Bloody Hell Is A Brilliantly Bonkers Horror Comedy [Nightstream Film Festival Review]

Some guys have all the luck. Too bad Rex (Ben O’Toole), leading man of Alister Grierson‘s Bloody Hell, isn’t one of them. All he wants is to live an ordinary life after a stint in th...

Poster for Richard Franklin's Road Games.

Road Games Retrospective – A Hitchcockian Suspense Thriller

[soliloquy id=”4757″] Quid is a long haul truck driver working in the Southern Hemisphere. To stay alert and keep his brain active, he plays road games with himself while he is traveling. ...