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Predator Concrete Jungle

Comic Review: Predator 30th Anniversary Collection

Reading this collection was a blast from the past. I collected every Aliens and Predator comic I could get my hands on as a kid. This 30th anniversary book collects some of the very first Predator sto...

Predator Hunters

Comic Review: Predator Hunters #1 is an exciting start to a new series

The Predators, of the beloved comic and movie franchises, are back in the thrilling new series Predator Hunters from Dark Horse Comics. Predator Hunters revolves around a team of humans who are tired ...

Predator: Fire and Stone TPB [Comic Review]

Thankfully, Predator: Fire and Stone is much better than the previous AVP: Fire and Stone trade paperback. There’s something about it that feels much more in line with the 1990’s Aliens and Predator c...