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The Possession of Michael King movie poster.

The Possession Of Michael King- Review

[soliloquy id=”6904″] Directed by David Jung, The Possession of Michael King explores the paranormal with devastating consequences. Michael King (Shane Johnson) is a family man with a beau...

Malcolm and girlfriend Kisha and Jenny and Steve do an ouija board to try and contact the demon in a Haunted house directed by Michael Tiddes.

A Haunted House is Unapologetic and Has No Boundaries

Written by Marlon Wayans and directed by Michael Tiddes, A Haunted House is crass, unapologetic and has no boundaries with its aggressive and crude nature. A Haunted House opens as Malcolm (Marlon Way...

The movie exorcismus directed by Manuel Carballo.

Exorcismus- Devil Delving

[soliloquy id=”3375″] Directed by Spanish director Manuel Carballo and written by David Munoz, Exorcismus is a good effort at the possession genre, which I personally enjoyed. Exorcismus s...