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Prince of Darkness 1987

Six Surprisingly Great Sci-Fi Horror Movies That Nobody Saw

The science fiction and horror genres have always gone hand in hand, dating back even before Mary Shelley’s seminal work in both genres, Frankenstein. Many of the Gothic horrors of the nineteenth cent...

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Five Overlooked John Carpenter Movies That Deserve More Love

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Five Demonic Possession Movies That Broke the Mold and Redefined the Sub-Genre

It’s easy for possession movies to fall into the same trap. Once The Exorcist was released it quickly set the template for everything that would follow. Most tales of possession, even now, follow that...

Prince of Darkness 1987

Why John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness Was a Surprising Twist on Devil Movies

John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness was an unexpected movie that came about at an unexpected time. Through the 1970’s and early ‘80’s, satanic horror had been exhausted to the point that by the end of...